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tv   NBC Bay Area News Special  NBC  January 19, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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like. >> really the direction that we're all headed in here at this show is going to be perfecting that thin tv. we're talking now about tvs that are three credit cards thin, if you can believe that. so it's really thin across the board. the next avenue is to push that envelope in terms of resolution. >> reporter: as in a better, sharper picture. at panasonic, they're showing off organic light-emitting diodes, l.g. and samsung talk about 4k televisions. give it a little time, and we'll all call it a better, sharper picture. in a thinner package, this tv is super thin with a slightly curved screen so everyone can see better. >> that's the best part when you bring in that five-degree curve. open the room up for the entire audience that's there. there's not a bad seat anywhere. >> reporter: another trend, greener tv sets. scoring higher ratings with environmentalist. >>. the whole manufacturing process
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from supply to they say like from trade told tracradle to cr designers consider, it the engineers consider it, and we make sure that everything that is easy to recycle, easy to take apart. >> big screens, big shows. but in the big picture, the tv-making industry is getting a little thin. we want to focus now on one gigantic global company making big inroads in the bay area. it's building new offices and hiring in silicon valley, not to mention its world-famous battle with apple. here's how samsung wants to be the next big player in the consumer electronics industry. with somewhere close to 150,000 people getting their first shot at literally thousands of new gadgets, we found one company specifically targeting the bay
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area. samsung building and hiring in silicon valley as we speak and, as you know, giving apple's ifountain a run for its mobile -- iphone a run for its mobile money. samsung has a larger plan than just phones. it wants to be all over your house. >> the thing about this refrigerator is our triple fresh cooling system. >> like this refrigerator. not merely used to keep things cool. also used to keep you informed. >> our new refrigerator has a scene on it, you can use it as a baby monitor. maybe you want to look up recipes. maybe you want to listen to man dora while you're cooking. that can be done with our refrigerator. >> while the company gave us a sneak peek into its next generation mouse which you'll control with hand gestures, it also fired up its newest vacuum cleaner because when you think about devices communicating with wi-fi, you undoubtedly think about your vacuum cleaner, right? >> our new vacuum cleaner does have a camera on it. and you can control it from your
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samsung smartphone. when someone spills the chips at my house, nobody get up. i will have the vacuum come up. we'll take care of that, one, two, three. >> take that, iphone. actually all this interconnectivity does remind us of apple. >> apple has a great ecosystem in the iphone and ipad. samsung has the potential to build this great ecosystem that's your entire house. there's a lot of potential there. we're so excited to see samsung build out on that more. >> you're already connected with your friends. soon you'll connect with your home. samsung is also getting into what we call the table tablet market. touchscreens the size of coffee tables. the whole family can play on this thing. we also saw a cool table-sized entry from intel. neither of these on the market just yet, but we bet you'll want to play games and surf on something the size of a bed. we mentioned mobile technology at the top of the show. when it comes to one of the world's biggest industries, video gaming, mobile is definitely the way to go.
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here's how some of the big evidence, hottest video game companies want you to take their games wherever you go. ces is further evidence that we love our mobile devices. >> products for -- >> maybe not as much as this guy, but gamers love their mobile devices. and now their favorite games are coming to them. this, for example, is the razor edge tablet. a way starting at about $1,000 to take all your games and computer functionality with you. >> the whole point is that it's a tablet, it's a p.c., it's a console. >> and it lets you play on the go. you no longer need a stand-alone console connected to your tv to play. now you can go anywhere. >> there's a lot of restrictions with a lot of tablets these days. there's -- i mean, they have games like angry birds, yes, those are fun games. but we're looking to, you know, reach out to the hard-core gamers and really introduce them
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to bring them -- their desktop literally to where they want. >> helped by relationships with silicon valleys like nvidia. their processors are inside the tablet. >> these gamers want to play anywhere, the console, tv, phone, they love playing games. >> adding another choice, nvidia just announced its own system called shield. yes, it's mobile, too. recognizing what we've come to expect with movies and other content, portability. >> exactly. that's where it started. you look at netflix. that's what it was, streaming the movie, taking in anywhere. you'll see the same thing with games where you want to take it everywhere, as well. >> there's flow dancing around. it ces is all about mobility this year. and if you're a gamer, that's music to your ears. with a huge emphasis on content and distribution here at ces this year, it is a pleasure to have lincoln wallen with us. lincoln is the chief technology
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officer of dreamworks animation. thanks for giving us some time. with all of this mobile technology being spread around as a movie company that, a, wants us in the theaters and, b, sells dvds, is this a good thing, or does it make you nervous? >> it's a great thing in that consumers today want -- they want what they want where they want it, when they want it. an old phrase now, but it's true. and i think the power of mobile devices, the fact that consumers like to consume content in different places at different times, in addition to we have our own initiatives. we announced last week available to the public, a joint venture with technicolor. it's aimed primarily at simplifying the experience of finding and watching content on all of these different devices because right now it is fragmented. we're still in a transition from follow to digital. the faster we can get consumers
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across the divide and into a simple experience that regardless of which service they've signed up for, whether it's their cable operator or netflix or amazon, they will one stop, find their content, gets it on the screen as fixly as possible. >> last question before we go. there's been such a relationship and it just gets stronger and stronger between hollywood and silicon valley technology. is that going to continue as far as seems like a movie isn't made without someone turning to the valley and saying we need some cool effects or great animation. >> that's right. i mean, digital media has always driven technology. you wouldn't have graphics cards, yeah, your cell phones would be quite bore figure it weren't for c.g. media, whether it's in games, movies. it's what consumers consume on the devices. so the relationship between since con systems software services -- silicon systems software, services, compression, all of that as well as the technology used to make the
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movies in the first place, it means there's a continual churn, a demand that needs to be met by bringing the latest technology or sometimes inventing new technology to get it done. it's a very tight bond. >> all right. thanks for stopping by. enjoy the show. >> my pleasure. coming up, the celebrity factor. why these superstars went to ces. [ crickets chirping ]
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♪ welcome back. ces would not exist without celebrity appearances. and maroon 5 helped kick off the show this year playing the opening night qualcomm keynote. [ applause ] >> ll cool j also in the building this year. he made the rounds to talk about boom dizzle, a record label and social networking web site he started back in 2008. fellow rapper and entrepreneur 50-cent made a return trip to ces this year talking about his company called sms audio.
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last year, he debuted headphone. and headphones were on the mind of snooki this year. the reality star came to ces to show off her own brand called snooki couture. there's a lot more than just all these people and all these gadgets that make this thing happen. here's a little perspective. and those exhibitors have lots of space to show off their gadgets. 1.7 million net square feet of space is used for ces. that's more than 35 fab fields. and plenty of people will fill that space. we'll pull in some 140,000 attendees. that's three times more than the number of slot members machines here in vegas. some 30,000 of those attendees are from countries outside the united states. and by the way, ces says it's
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green. think about this -- if attendees wanted to see all these products all around the world, they would have to travel 700 million miles. that's a lot of business travel. now these attendees will also drink some 17,000 cups of coffee over the next few days. if you drank one cup a day, it would take you 47 years to reach that many. one final note -- each home here in the united states has 24 consumer electronic products. i guess that's why they have the show. here at ces, we talk a lot about the big technology companies like nvidia and intel, apple and samsung. the auto industry is also going totally high tech. here's how. the idea of technology in cars is something we expect. it's everywhere. in our dashboards, telling us where to go and helping us drive
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more safely and economically. heck, this lexus on the ces floor claims it will drive itself to you. when we visited ford, we found something else. not just technology in the car but a platform for app developers. >> party with us. we'll help you extend your interest our vehicles. >> pandora -- >> good news if you want your app in front of millions of drivers. for example, oakland's own pandora. >> huge partner with pandora. pandora, application showed the world what could happen. start listening to the music on your phone. enter to the vehicle, turn the vehicle on, transition control change to the head unit on the car and now you control the app. not just the phone but the app. i can turn it on, i can turn it off. i can like my music. i can change the station. i can find a different genre. >> it's like turning the car into an app store or platform like facebook. a place where people who know
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technology can reach you by partnering with people who know how to make cars. >> we talked about software. we talked about the power of software and what it can do. for us, we don't know that we have all the answers. what we wanted to do was tap into the innovation happening at silicon valley and around the world, austin, beijing, london. we put in place a program to be self-servicing. we're giving out keys to the car literally to go and figure out what the innovation is. >> innovation that will continue to drive car companies and their drivers. one of the stories we love to tell at ces is of a silicon valley company started in someone's house, now they're on the big stage. you started pebble, the watch company. took to kick-starter. you've got great news. tell us how you have the product here at ces? >> it news is that we're starting to ship our e paper
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watch. it's been a couple of months since you came by the house office. it's been a couple months since we finished our kick-starter project. we've been working 24/7 practically to get our smart watch into production. we're proud to see that we'll begin shipping january 23 to our backers. >> instead of taking the regular route, you put it out on kick-starter. you have a community of investors saying we love the watch, bring it back? >> yeah. investors, users. it's like a self-fulfilling prophecy. if people are interested in your product, they're willing to put their money where their mouth is, you have a committed user base from day one. >> tell me about how this watch -- the theme of the show is mobile and taking technology. kind of what this does, right? >> pebble's a smart watch. it's connected, customizable. we think it's sleek. the idea is that the pebble connects to smartphone by blue tooth. whenever you get a new e-mail, text message, call, pebble vibrates. the key portion of the message
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is displayed on the screen. instead of having to dig your phone out of your pocket, you can glance down and see what's going on. on the customized ability side, pebble's cool because you can change the look of the watch with the tap of a button. if you want an analog face, you can check it, if you're a hacker, you can write your own face. >> thank you very much for the time. >> thanks. there's still more to come including the fort that could be the key to your diet and the pillow that might save your marriage.
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here is perhaps the coolest piece of technology. if you just woke up, it's a pillow with speakers inside so you can hear the television and not disturb your spouse. steve schwartz is from brookstone, they're developing this prototype. this seems like a great idea. is it that really simple? >> why do dwe do this? why do we take a speaker and put it inside one of our best selling pillows? we did it because a t solves a terrific problem. so many of our tv waters have a partner in in bed, and they
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cannot watch tv without disturbing their partner. so so many of us, we lead ourselves toward wearing a set of headphones which are uncomfortable. why not take the pillow, connect, it put speakers inside, have a small control box. that connects up so all you do is hook up your transmitter to the tv that comes with the product. >> it's wireless. >> sends it all wirelessly to the pillow. there are two built-in speaker inside which you can't see. they're built inside the memory foam aspects of the pillow. >> okay. then what you get is very quiet sound. you're not going to get a big, loud stereo, you're going to get silent audio that's going to be just what you need. >> and a crazy question, people can still sleep on, this right? after the show is over. >> they sure can. we have been selling for years now this wonderful biosense memory foam inside. it's what we call our better than down cover on the outside. it's plush on the outside. it's got great support on the
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inside. the speakers are small. they're buried inside. great sound. >> steve schwartz from brookstone, thank you very much for your time. >> thanks. when you wake up, you might one day control your computer with gestures from your hands, voice, even your eyes. intel calls it perceptual computing. they gave us a peek inside their ces booth. >> what is a consumer electronics show without robot sonics probably the best-known company for these things, irobot. jeff is from irobot. thanks for joining us. you already bought us the rhu a rhumba. >> of course. >> now i understand you've got robotics for outside. >> this is our latest luge 330 gutter-cleaning robot. >> a gutter-cleaning robot? >> exactly. it will run down the gut ever manually or automatically and clean the debris for you. >> i see it goes around. i understand it can adjust things. literally you put it in, and you can watch it or, what, stand down via remote control?
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>> exactly. what you see here is the whole thing together. this handle is also comes off and that's your remote control. this is the business end, this is what goes down -- >> this gets dirty, you don't have to. >> and it keeps you safe. you don't have to worry about moving the ladder, let the robot do the dangerous work. this goes $299.9. >> but what it would take -- and you've got this for life. >> yes. >> you're not just outside in the gutter. i understand are you soon to be or already in the pool, as well. >> correct. >> okay. >> we're getting wet cleaning pools. this is the elementary school-cleaning robot. it's our latest robot that will go in -- designed for most residential inground pools. it cleans the floor, the walls, up to the water line. it does stairs, everything. >> is this like the room aboba you're done? >> you're done. it's got sensors and software
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that allows it in. it gets approximately how big your pool is and decide the best cleaning cycle to get the most effective clean out of your pool. and gettysburg off and does it all on its own. -- and goes off and does it on all its own. the price point is $1,299. >> so pools and gutters, you're taking us outside. >> we're going outdoors. >> jeff, thank you very much for your time. >> no problem. thank you. stay tuned, we'll be right back. the best gadgets of the consumer electronics show are coming up next.
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welcome back to las vegas and the 2013 consumer electronics show. it's almost a shame that they do it here at ces, but they do pick the best of the best if all the gadgets here this year. we've got some to show you. 1.9 million square feet of space crammed full of gadgets shown by 3,200 companies. and ces picked the best of the
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best. we're not at all surprised razor made the list. its tablet that lets you take your favorite hard core games with you wherever you go was a huge hit. the device starts at it $1,000. for music fans, the pure system is a slice of heaven. it lets you control what's what goes through your speakers from your smartphones. we've seen lots of phones and eridders, but a combination of the two? it's from a company called yoda. it's a ces award winner. as is the happy fork. one of the most buzzed about gadgets at the show. a high-tech fork that monitors how fast and how often you eat, then sends the data via blue tooth to your smartphone. speaking of health, this scan-a-doo app is something out of a movie. the tools scan your body, sent the data to your smartphone, and advise you on whether or not to see a doctor.
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in a year filled with car tech, general motors took home the car tech award. its 2014 dashboard will let you rearrange icons on the screen. perfect if you miss your smartphone when you drive. and finally arngs awa-- finallyn award winner to light things up. based in the bay area, the cool looking bulb adds style to las vegas and goes home a winner. and on that note, we wrap things up here from the 2013 consumer electronics show in las vegas. thank you for watching. we hope to see you back here again next year. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
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>> lance. point by point. his stunning confessions and reaction. welcome to "access hollywood". after years of denial lance armstrong admitted to oprah that yes he did in fact take performance enhancing drug during all 7 wins. >> he destroyed lives. his spin go far beyond cycling. >> the defines. that attitude. that arrogance. you can not
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deny it. you watch that clip. that's an air gapt pevrnlt i go like at this air gapt prick. >> he said it. >> his words not mine snrit we thought it. >> all right. most people would agree. over lying theme last nature oprah next chapter interview may have been controlled. >> might have been but oprah took most of that from him right at the beginning for opening line of questioning which only required lance to say yes or no. >> did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance. >> yes. >> was one of those banned substances e p o. >> yes. >> in all 7 of your tour de france victories, did you ever take banned substances or blood doping. >> yes. >> in your opinion was it huma humanly possible to win the tour de france without doping? >> not in my opinion. >> great way to open from oprah. taking control from control frequent right off the bat we got the answers we wanted. >> broke the answer at the end he


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